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Kitsuné Soleil Mix by Cesare

—June.12.2015 06:07:40

Kitsuné SoleilMix

Kitsuné Soleil Mix by Cesare
2014. 7. 10 OUT

Kitsunéによる、今や夏の定番シリーズとなった「Kitsuné Soleil Mix」今回はCesareによるミックス。

1. Take a Chance [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Moullinex
2. Curious (Le Flex Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Kilo Kish
3. Forget You [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Danglo
4. Fire May Save You (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Frances
5. Waiting For Your Lover (Kokiri Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Citizens!
6. The Sunshine of Your Youth (Plastic Plates Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Cheerleader
7. Others (Reset Safari Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Nimmo
8. Won’t Hold Back [Soleil Mix Edit]/ One Bit
9. Borderline (Canvas Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Andreas Moe
10. Zero (Clancy Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Chela
11. Weekend (Cesare remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Mocki
12. For You (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Fickle Friends
13. Savanna (Cesare remix) [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Tobtok
14. Trans-Amazonian Highway [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Cesare
15. Meet Me On The Dancefloor [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Le Flex
16. Please Delete [Soleil Mix Edit]/ Burhou